Pidy – World Leader in “Ready to Fill” Pastries


Pidy logoPidy is the world leader in the production of baked puff pastry, servicing customers in more than 50 countries world wide. Pidy specialises in “Ready to Fill” products for savoury and sweet applications. Pidy is the market leader, thanks to consistent quality, new creations, innovations and personal service.

More than 65 Years of Excellence

In 1950 Belgian Andre Dehaeck created an award winning puff pastry recipe, from his bakery in the Belgian town of Ieper Andre developed recipes for bouchees & tartlets, these recipes proved to be so popular that they were been delivered to customers far & wide, This bakery turned out to be the starting point for what we know today as Pidy (Patisserie Industrielle Dehaeck Ypres), Pidy to this day is a family run business with three production sites in Belgium, France and North America.

Guaranteed Quality

At Pastry Direct have recognised the guaranteed quality and ease of use of the Pidy “Ready to Fill” pastries and are offering a wide selection of products delivered straight to your door anywhere on the island of Ireland.

The Pidy “Ready to Fill” pastry products offer you the opportunity to be innovative for every special occassion, snack, lunch, dinner, party & dessert.