Sauce Base / Dairy Filling

header_qimiq_logoQimiQ is a completely new natural dairy base that can be used for cooking and baking all kinds of food, both hot and cold. It can be used instead of eggs, butter, gelatin or cream and contains only 15% fat.

The product was invented by Hans Mandl and Rudolf Haindl in 1995, and was designed to replace artificial emulsifiers and stabilizers by blending with liquids such as alcohol or vinegar; it also emulsifies with oil. In QimiQ, gelatine is already included, so for certain recipes, there is no need to soak gelatine sheets in liquid and then add them. QimiQ cannot be over-whipped like conventional whipping cream.[citation needed] it is stable when exposed to heat or mixed with acids or alcohol,[citation needed] and thus can be used in food products where milk products cannot be used.

What can you make with QimiQ?

QimiQ is ideal for sweet and savoury, hot and cold dishes such as creams, mousse, cake fillings, spreads, dips, mayonnaise, soups, sauces and much more.

Why use QimiQ?

QimiQ contains no emulsifiers or stabilisers and only has 15% fat, meaning lighter, healthier and tastier dishes. QimiQ can replace eggs, fat, cream and gelatine and enhances the taste of any added ingredients.

Anything you make with QimiQ can be frozen, adding to its convenience. Also, QimiQ is UHT so there is no need to refrigerate. QimiQ is quick and easy and guarantees success. But most important of all, dishes with QimiQ taste delicious.

General product advantages

  • Foolproof – no curdling or separation
  • Shorter preparation times
  • Longer presentation times
  • Real dairy cream – top quality
  • No declarable ingredients
  • Ideal for diets – less fat content with full flavour
  • Gluten-free
  • Ambient storage
  • Awarded the Austrian Quality Seal
  • QimiQ is 100% natural and quick and easy to use without loss of flavour


QimiQ product advantages in detail

  • Universally adaptable – applications
  • What QimiQ can partially or completely replace
  • Special applications
  • Advantages in the kitchen
  • Commercial
  • Advantages – cost benefits/ profit potential
  • Nutrition advantages


Universally adaptable – applications

QimiQ Cream Base is for hot and cold, sweet and savoury dishes.

Acid, alcohol and bake stable
Lemon juice, alcohol or vinegar can be added to QimiQ without danger of curdling. QimiQ can be combined with almost all foods and can be used for cooking, baking and refining.

Emulsifies with oil and butter
Due to its unique cell structure created by the patented production process, QimiQ is able to emulsify with oil and butter.

Binds with liquids
QimiQ Cream Base can drastically reduce moisture migration, slow down skin formation and discolouration and enables longer presentation times of the end product. Dishes remain fresh and appetising for longer, allowing easier pre-production. Ideal for sandwiches, spreads, dips, mousses and creams etc.


QimiQ is a dairy product consisting of 99% light cream and 1% gelatine, patented by Hama Foodservice GmbH.

Different varieties


Award winning

The product won a 2002 Mercury Award from the International Travel Catering Association.

More information

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