Wallbridge has years of experience with marinades – mixtures of oil (sometimes wine), spices, or similar ingredients, in which meat, fish, or other food is soaked before cooking in order to flavour and/or soften it.


Wiberg marinades

All WIBERG liquid marinades in stock refine grilled goods without the addition of flavour enhancers, without yeast extracts and without allergenic ingredients that are subject to specific labelling according to EU law.

  • Oil marinades

Marinades with a high oil content in particular are recommended for dazzling counter presentation. Oil marinades provide a glossy cover lending the meat an appetising appearance. Wiberg Primolio variants are particularly heat-stable and the creamy consistency provides excellent adhesion to grilled products. Wiberg Primobel marinades are characterised by their especially high sheen and are particularly easy to process thanks to their liquid consistency.

  • Emulsion marinades

The Wiberg Primofresh marinades provide a fresh kick: they are spice marinades on an emulsion base with integrated preservatives. The water-oil emulsion ensures that the meat perfectly absorbs the aromatic spice components. The preservatives support a reliable shelf-life, so Primofresh marinades are perfectly suited for pre-packed grill delicacies.

  • Dry marinades

Wiberg Grillfix dry marinades impress as a result of their cost-effectiveness, safety and taste in equal measure. These all-in-one powdered blends win over customers with their balanced seasoning and integrated preservation, guaranteeing finely marinated specialities. Marinades are especially economical since processing is fast and easy and small amounts of no more than 43 g per kg of meat are required. Adding cooking oil at the end of the process “seals” the aromatically marinated meat product and provides an attractive gloss.

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