Gluten Free Pastry

Great ‘bite’ and delicious!

Gluten freeWhen Pidy decided to produce gluten-free products we organised a sampling session. Several gluten-free products were subjected to a taste test. The findings were unanimous… many gluten-free products are not tasty at all. Often they have an un-appetising structure, an unattractive colour and quickly disintegrate in the mouth. This is why from the beginning we focused particularly on taste, colour and structure.

Pidy gluten-free products therefore not only meet the strictest production standards, most importantly they are delicious and have a pleasant, crispy bite to them!

Product range Gluten Free

Gluten free pastry

The full range of Pidy Gluten Free “Ready to Fill Pastry” can be viewed here

Pidy’s challenge

Making good gluten-free products is quite a challenge. A “gluten-free” label means the production, among other things, must follow very strict standards. The permitted ppm (20 parts per million) may under no circumstance be exceeded. Our production site has been audited and certified.

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