The Chilled Garlic and Herb Specialist

Product Range

Our extensive range of chilled garlic products are suitable for a wide range of meat and fish dishes, pasta, marinades, sauces, butters and dressings.

A worldly variety of spice mixes used for a range of culinary styles. These well-known flavours will immediately enrich any dish. 

Chilled ready-to-use seasonings and marinates. Suitable for direct use on any dish for any occasion. 

About Bresc

Bresc is the specialist in chilled garlic and herb products aimed at the European & Irish gastronomy market, specifically the need for high-quality garlic and herb products.


Bresc is always looking for new taste sensations, flavour concepts, and different applications for professional chefs.


Everything starts at the source creating a direct line from the grower in the field to the dish on the plate in the restaurant.


Ease of Use

Each of our product ranges are made with the needs of professional chefs in mind, making them simple and effective for any purpopse 

Consistent Quality

To guarantee consistency, we uphold a strong relationship with all growers and customers

Pure Flavour

Each raw ingredient has an optimal growth region which is respected in maximising flavour profiles

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To find out how Bresc’s wide range of products can help your food service operation continuously grow get in contact with a member of our team today.


We will assist you in find the perfect solutions to solve your culinary problems and enhance any dish.

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